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The tailor is an artisan within the trade, who realises the image of the ‘bespoke creation’. Before the garment reaches the tailor’s hand, it exists only as a flat idea of what it will be and the shape it will eventually have at the hands of a professional tailor. A tailor practises particular bespoke techniques that infuse layers of shape into each garment, which creates the perfect silhouette for the client.

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A cutter is the primary artisan any client will meet, in the traditional order of true bespoke service. The cutter must interpret and record every piece of information during each fitting in finite detail. It is the cutter’s job to visualise their client’s ‘best side’ whilst also being able hear their personal requests for how they would like to feel in their clothes. The cutter then translates this information to their work board using not much more than chalk or pencil and their mind’s eye, as tools.

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