Be taught your Tailoring skills by Savile Row trained tailors and cutters.

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About Us



Our tailoring school (also fondly known as LAB) holds private classes in a wide and varied range of topics within bespoke tailoring. Our team of teachers currently, or previously work/ed for, tailoring houses on London’s prestigious Savile Row. Every lesson that we deliver is designed to closely assimilate attributes of a traditional bespoke tailoring apprenticeship. We keep class numbers small to maximise the learning potential of everyone involved – tutors included! Our aim is to share knowledge through a network of skilled artisans, from within a niche area of expertise, to foster and nurture the next generation of bespoke tailors, cutters and master tailors. Furthermore, to do so generously, with the objective of maintaining standards in teaching the necessary skills and history of Savile Row bespoke tailoring and cutting. Our first promise is that you will be taught genuine tailoring techniques as practised in businesses along Savile Row. Our second promise is that we will individually do everything we can to allow you the freedom to learn fully and to have confidence in the work that you produce, both in practice with us in the studio and thereafter.


(Here one of our visiting lecturers, Christopher Foster-Hicklin displays some client fitting images to students, Summer 2018)

Much like self-taught brain surgery, learning coat making by oneself is a recipe for headaches, tears and disaster. The brilliant tuition and support I’ve had from the team at LAB has revolutionised my sewing and taught me tricks I’d have never found in any article, book, blog or video.
— Lionel Nierop, LAB Student (2018)


Our Team


All members of our teaching team are Savile Row trained, professional tailors and cutters. Each one of us has been where our students are now. We promise to use our individual training experience, as well as our professional experience, to make your learning environment the very best it can be.



Victoria Townsend


Victoria Townsend has single-mindedly focused her career towards excellence in fine bespoke tailoring. Her Savile Row training with master tailors along the Row, has earned her the accolade of becoming the Row’s first to receive multiple Savile Row Bespoke qualifications. Before forming her own bespoke label, Victoria’s principal role was both assisting and working alongside head cutter of Richard James Bespoke, Christopher Foster-Hicklin, where she steadily built a strong reputation in her own right. With a definitive goal of understanding all aspects of fine tailoring, Victoria has added to her knowledge since qualifying by working on various projects with British heritage brands outside of the Row, including Daks of London. Combined with her own practised technique, Victoria’s sole interest is founded in applying traditional technical skill as it has been passed down to her, in order to reach ultimate perfection in the fit, design and balance of each garment she works with.

Forming The London Academy of Bespoke was a very natural decision for Victoria. In ‘making it work’, she says she will continue to love, respect and very much welcome every challenge it will undoubtedly send her way.



Gordon Alsleben


Gordon Alsleben has worked for some of the heavyweights of Savile Row’s old establishment, Kilgour and Huntsman - to name a few! Gordon’s attention to detail is meticulous and we are in awe of his approach to balance theory!

Luckily for us he has vast amounts of experience in teaching too.



Auburn Lucas

Bespoke Trouser Maker (Dege & Skinner, Savile Row)

Auburn studied Costume at Wimbledon College of Art, which is where she fell in love with tailoring. On graduating she worked as a freelance costumier before starting her apprenticeship at Savile Row tailors, Dege and Skinner, with trouser maker Peter Theothanous.

Auburn worked tirelessly to complete her apprenticeship and is now a well-established trouser maker for Dege and Skinner.  Her work is meticulous as she is always striving to improve. Auburn has made trousers for customers from all over the world and her repertoire includes civilian and military dress, historical reproductions, breeches and tailored ladies wear.

Auburn is a natural teacher, who sets a welcoming environment in each of her classes. Her methodological approach to her craft paves the way for clear understanding under her tuition. Her particular and precise application of technique, on any garment she is showing, takes her demonstrations to a level of enjoyment that make her classes a pleasure to be a part of.



Ruth Cava

Bespoke coat maker

Ruth trained and practiced with bespoke tailoring house Anderson & Sheppard. Fast forward, she is now a fully qualified bespoke coat maker and works for herself, alongside running successful sustainable fashion events all over London.



Albert Nelson

Bespoke Coat Maker (Dege & Skinner, Savile Row)

Albert began his career working for an old and established tailoring house, Wells of Mayfair, in his twenties.

Since then he has worked with some of the most prestigious houses on Savile Row. He currently works for Dege & Skinner.

He brings a wealth of knowledge to LAB, spanning a 42 year career in the bespoke trade. The way he explains ever finite detail truly commends the vessel of bespoke tailoring knowledge he holds.



Emma Martin


Fashion interested Emma from a young age; making dresses for herself, with Vogue sewing patterns at the tender age of twelve.

Her educational journey began at The London College of Fashion in an Art and Design Foundation Course, where she passed with distinction. She then focused her learning on bespoke tailoring; her goal being to gain an apprenticeship on Savile Row and eventually become a bespoke coat maker. Emma completed several placements on Savile Row and went on to gain an apprenticeship with Dege and Skinner. She studied under the Italian master of tailoring Stefani Tomambe. Gratefully absorbing 50 years of knowledge from her tutor, Emma went on to become a coat maker at number 10 Savile Row and has filled his position for nearly 9 years. She has realised her true love in teaching and inspiring others to enjoy the trade as much as she does.

Emma is a passionate teacher who considers every detail in her lessons. Emma makes it her purpose to subtly understand how best to transfer her knowledge to each student individually. She cares about everyone’s experience during lessons, and this makes her classes completely unique and incredibly addictive.



‘Working with like minded creatives, to deliver lessons in a subject that we love and are continually taught something new by, is a dream. LAB, as a project, has been progressively ‘growing up’ for a good few years now and realising its potential in the last few months alone makes the whole team extremely excited - LAB is already a very special place to learn and be taught, and we believe there isn’t anywhere else in London like it’.

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