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LAB Teachers have not simply taught me new bespoke tailoring techniques, they have mentored me too. Using such traditional bespoke tailoring techniques and doing them an ounce of justice, requires confidence, patience and skill. LAB lessons have helped me achieve greater level in all three!
— Chuksi Ibe, Student, 2018

The course has honed my abilities as a seamstress and pattern maker, and not necessarily in the bespoke context. The foundations and principles that you will learn are useful no matter the kind of clothing you want to make, and will truly open your eyes to the possibilities of fit. The classes are small and are taught by truly dedicated teachers in a positive and nurturing environment.
— Jeanne Elize Marshall, Coat Making Student, 2017

Much like self-taught brain surgery, learning coat making by oneself is a recipe for headaches, tears and disaster. The brilliant tuition and support I’ve had from the team at LAB has revolutionised my sewing and taught me tricks I’d never have found in any article, book, blog or video.
— Lionel Nierop, Student, 2018

Completing the LAB courses has not only taught me more than any other tailoring course that I’ve taken but it has reignited my love for the subject . The teachers are approachable, knowable and there is a great atmosphere throughout the lessons! It’d be my first recommendation for anyone wanting to further their understanding in bespoke tailoring.
— Joe Holyoak, Student, 2018

The LAB courses offer an intense and detailed look into the best tailoring in the world. I have learnt so much in the two courses I have attended and in Emma and Victoria, have found two fantastic mentors who are incredibly generous with their time and knowledge. The facilities are excellent and all materials and equipment are laid on as well. If you love tailoring, this is the course for you. It is incredibly good value for the ton of knowledge you will gain and the connections you will make. It’s simply the best of the best!
— Andrew Eastmond, Student, 2018

Thank goodness this is just what’s needed in London, quality tuition, teaching a very special subject. I have appreciated the patient and considerate tutelage from Victoria, who is distinctly knowledgable in everything Bespoke.
— Diana Macintosh, Student, 2016

I have the pleasure of knowing Victoria for some 10 years. Always the consummate professional in every way. When her mind turns to a particular project it is done in the most thorough manner, honed and tuned until it shines.
— Philip Parker, Henry Poole, 2018