Waistcoat Making with Ruth.
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Waistcoat Making with Ruth.

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Course Summary

Course Name:

‘Waistcoat Making with Ruth: Single Breasted’


Ruth Cava

Start date:

17th October 2018


18:30 – 21:00


Gladstone Court, Havelock Terrace, Battersea.


10 weeks (10 evening sessions)

Closing date:

19th December 2018


(Dates for this course only)



This class offers precise training in every detail of making a ‘Single Breasted’ Bespoke Waistcoat to industry standards, as currently practiced along Savile Row.

A waistcoat uses many of the tailoring skills that are used when making a bespoke jacket, however, as a smaller garment it is a perfect way for those less confident to start. Here you will make a waistcoat from start to finish, in the British Bespoke way. If you do find that you are a little quicker than the rest of your peers, Ruth will help you to include style details and extra elements into your garment. Though we do advise taking you time to perfect your skills here so that you are more confident on your own. In more ways than one, this advice applies to each course that we deliver at The LAB. Our sole aim is teaching you skills that you will feel confident in using time and time again, with whichever bespoke garment you are creating or working on.


Reasons to Apply

You may wish to join his class for any of the following reason;

-          You are already practicing as a bespoke tailoring apprentice and wish to further your knowledge by adding to your current repertoire.

-          You have studied bespoke tailoring prior to this class, and now wish to work with a practising bespoke tailor to hone and fine tune your skills ready for an apprenticeship or otherwise.

-          You are already in the business of tailoring but wish to re-train in some areas of garment making.

-          You are an experienced garment maker and wish to learn bespoke methods.

-          You have been practicing tailoring on your own and feel you are ready to test your method in a classroom environment under some supervision.

-          You have some experience in making garments and want to open yourself to learning methods used in Bespoke Tailoring.


(Please be aware these are guidelines only and we will not turn you away if your reasons do not fit these suggested reasons. We urge you to get in touch to discuss any queries you might have over join our classes and send us examples of your work digitally, if you have any, so that we can better guide you to making the right choice for you and your training.)


Entry requirements

To benefit fully from this class, we ask that applicants be competent in the following;

-          Holding a tailor’s thimble correctly.

-          Garment making.

-          Following instruction.

-          Being patient with your fellow classmates.

-          Punctuality (Last but by no means least!)


Course Structure

Class is set over a 10-week period. There will be 10 sessions, taking place on a Monday evening.


What to Expect

As with all our evening classes, where possible, you should prepare yourself for some homework. This is simply the nature of learning a specialised subject in a short space of time. This will help us to teach you and improve what you are able to produce by the end of the course.


Cost of Course


(Pricing is inclusive of all materials, though if you wish to bring your own shears and thimbles you are most welcome to do that).


Additional Costs

Your own travel expenses.


How to Book

Click on this link to send a direct e-mail to Victoria, booking your place.



The London Academy of Bespoke

Gladstone Court

Havelock Terrace

Battersea Park



Potential Changes to the Schedule

As all our tutors are practising Tailors and Cutters there is the possibility of having to adjust the schedule to fit in line with our workloads as professionals. We ask that you remain patient with us, as your training is very important to us and we will aim to prioritise it where humanly possible.


Further Questions?

Of course, we are happy to answer any further questions and aim to do so promptly.


How to Get in Touch

The best route is either by e-mail or phone. You may also contact us via social media, but response times may not be as quick.

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